Imagine. Build. Learn.

Three simple and easy steps to becoming fascinated with the world of science!

At Yantra we believe that learning the basic principles of science early is the key to building a good foundation. We also really believe that children should ask the question “How does that work?”.

The Science Of Movement

We teach fundamental simple machine concepts through our designs.

Our goal is for children to relate these concepts to real-life applications by building fun, interactive models that move and illustrate the underlying principles.

What is a PULLEY? Where do I see it? How do GEARS work? Find the answers in our huge selection of designs!

Text Book v/s Hands on Learning

Acquiring concepts from a textbook differs significantly from learning through hands-on project work. Research indicates that project-based learning enhances children's involvement and engagement, inspiring them to establish and attain personal goals. Recognizing that each child learns uniquely, Yantra's curriculum is tailored to accommodate various skill levels and abilities.

Range of designs from easy to hard – for learners as young as 4 years . Additional challenges extend the learning experience and provide motivation for students to tackle more advanced levels.


Use ViNee! Our in-house manufactured, compact, motorized, rechargeable hub that can attach LEGO bricks on any of it’s six surfaces to create different moving models each time! 

Use ViNee in many different ways - add movement to your existing LEGO models or build your own!

Buy the full kit or just the hub to use with your own bricks! Try out the FREE designs.